Why is ambient lighting so important?

The general lighting environment within and adjacent to design, pre-production, and reprographic/printing locations has a considerable influence upon viewing accuracy and consistency for color-critical applications. ISO standards compliance requires shielding extraneous light and avoiding mixed light where possible.

Typical ambient lighting using fluorescent, metal halide or standard LED lights with poor CRI values compromises color critical judgements. Controlled viewing areas are contaminated with poor quality light and, the operator’s color vision constantly adapts while moving between ambient and controlled viewing areas.

JUST Normlicht, in conjunction with Narva, has developed the solution – high color accuracy LED general lighting with the LED lamp SL-T5 II 950 proGraphic. This enables standard-light conditions throughout all production areas which approximates conditions in color critical areas while dramatically improving energy efficiency and lighting consistency.

At a glance:

  • Color temperature 5000 K, perfect ambient lighting for color matching workplaces
  • Excellent color rendering index CRI > 90
  • Fast ROI (return on investment), long service life, high efficiency – see with the savings calculator »
  • Ideal for new installations and re-fits/reconfigurations of existing sites
  • Glass tube – no yellowing or chemical reactions with LEDs (that occurs with plastic covers)
  • Three mounting heights for optimum light dispersion
  • Infinitely variable dimming
  • Available with G5L or G13L end cap
  • Resource-conserving materials

What do you want to know?

Do these LED lamps replace existing JUST fluorescent tubes?

What fixtures will the LED lamps work in?

What ballasts are required? Can I use my existing ones?

What is the typical cost to purchase and install a new ballast?

Can I add dimming to my set up with the new ballasts?

What kind of LED lamps are available?

What do the new LED lamps cost?

What are the factors and costs assumed in your pay-off (ROI) calculations?

When are the LED tubes available?

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