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Asymmetrical proof light
CCP/FD 3-AS-4/36

CCP/FD 3-AS-4/36 D65 - 6500 K, electr. ballasts, digital hour meter

JUST Normlicht asymmetrical color proof lights are especially suitable for visual color matching. The extremely asymmetrical direction of the interior aluminium reflectors casts light at precisely calculated angles on the viewing surface, eliminating glare and shadows. Asymmetrical proof lights are used in combination with base cabinets with slanted surface. With two brightness levels, electronic ballasts for immediate start without flickering and with digital hour meter.

  • Exact directive lighting
  • Glare- and reflection-free
  • Even illumination
  • High light reflection capacity
  • Electronic ballasts
  • Digital hour meter
Group Color Control Professional D65
Item No. 11098/6500K
Type CCP/FD 3-AS-4/36
D65 - 6500 K, electr. ballasts, digital hour meter
Light area cm 70 x 100
Lighted area cm 70 x 100
Outside dim. cm 80 x 128 x 16
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